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Khabar First.com is a dynamic venture run by registered Arvi Media Enterprises, which provides comprehensive coverage across diverse niches with a focus on delivering inside stories. Founded and curated by Alka Singh, a seasoned journalist with a remarkable decade-long experience in the field.

Alka singh is editor-in-chief of the khabarfirst.com. While working in media, Alka has good experience of working on different niches of news, e.g. political, technology, entertainment, education, crime etc.

At Khabar First, we believe in going beyond the headlines to bring our readers a deeper understanding of the stories. With a passion for journalism and a commitment to journalistic integrity, Alka Singh has built a platform that seeks to empower readers with knowledge across a wide spectrum of topics.


Alka Singh, Senior Journalist

Founder and Editor-in-Chief



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Alka Singh’s rich background in journalism serves as the driving force behind Khabar First. Her experience and dedication are reflected in every article, ensuring that our readers receive content that is not only informative but also engaging. Thank you for choosing Khabar First as your trusted source for news and stories that make a difference.